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Creating beautiful 3D snowflakes is a simple process. I have outlined the needed materials and steps below. The smaller the squares of paper you use, the more difficult the activity will be. The number of pieces of paper you use will result in the number of outside points on your snowflake, however too few will stretch the pieces too much and more than eight may crowd the final appearance. The main example shown here uses 6 pieces of paper, a smaller model shown below used seven pieces of paper. A challenge for problem solving could be to make the smallest snowflake possible.



You will need 6 pieces of square paper for a 6 point snowflake, we used 8.5 by 11, folded and then trimmed.

Scissors to do the trimming mentioned above.

A glue stick

A stapler

Step 1:

Take an 8 1/2 by 11 piece of paper and fold one corner over. Cut off the paper outside of the fold and place the rectangular strip in recycle. (see red dotted line for where to cut)

Step 2:

Fold corner to corner once again to make a smaller triangle.

Step: 3

This will result in one triangle side having 1 fold, and one side with two folds.

Step: 4

Make 3 to 5 cuts from the side with the single fold to the side with the two folds. The cuts will be parallel to the side with the raw edges.

Step: 5

Open the the square and lay it flat.

Step: 6

Start in the middle. Bring the two points together and glue.

Step: 7

Flip the square over and bring the next 2 points together and glue. Continue repeating these steps by flipping the square and glue each set of points until all are done.

Step: 8

Repeat the above steps 1 to 7 for each of the square pieces of paper you have.

Step: 9

Pick up the point of one end and join the other end points to it. Use a staple or glue and let dry. A staple works best.

Step: 10

Glue or staple the outside mid point edges of each piece. Glue works best as the staples will be visible on the edges of your finished snowflake.

Once you have finished joining the mid points you should have a snowflake to display!
Many thanks to Mrs. W and a Cycle 2 class from her school for filling my office with a blizzard of these snowflakes and for taking the time to allow a step by step photo session to show us the building of a 3D snowflake.
If you have any art or craft activities that you would like to share please send me an email. I'll need pictures and step by step instructions and please remember, I can't publish any student photos or names for safety reasons.







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