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Art Attack  over 100 activities

Art Room

Artist's Toolkit 

Collage Machine from Art Zone

Inside Art  an adventure in art history

Make a Splash With Colour

Mondrimat experiment with colours 

Sketchcast draw and record voice 

Study Art


3D Art Ideas

Alphabet of Art  high school

Art Activities  cooperation theme

Art and ICT  ideas


Art of Ancient Egypt

Art, Design, and Visual Thinking  High School textbook online

Art Games Online 

Art History: Resources on the Web  High School

Art Pad paint online 

Art Rage 2 free or low cost edition painting software

Art Recipes 

Art Supplies Recipes 

Art Timeline 20,000 to 8,000 BC

Art Throughout the Ages  a high school webquest

Art Tutorials online 

Art Studio  high school resources

Artist A Day 

Artist Indexes

Artnatomy facial expression study including skull, muscles and more  high school

Artroom wide variety of activities and resources

Arty Factory  Cycle 3 and High School art lessons

Drawing Art Studio  high school

Easy Marbleized Paper

How to Draw Manga

Impressionism  a high school webquest

LopArt  English site

LopArt  Français

Modern Art Timeline  high school

Mr. PicassoHead

National Gallery of Art   Washington  

Paper Art Ideas

Pavement Drawings 

Pi to Music  math to music 

Printmaking Ideas

Remix, an Interactive Collage 

Renaissance Connection  high school

Scribbles Kids' Art Site

Step Into The Artists' World  high school

Surrounded By Beauty high school

The Art Room  various activities

The Arts  teacher submitted lesson plans for Elementary and High School 

Timeline of Art History  high school

TypoGenerator  Mac Only 

Water Colour Tutorials

World Myths and Legends in Art high school


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