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Canada's Federal Electoral Districts  

Canadian Election 2011 parties and leaders 

Canadian Election 2011 parties and leaders recent past 

Canadian Electoral Districts and Ridings 

Canadian Federal Elections who can vote 

Elections Canada 

Electoral Map of Canada  interactive

Federal Election Date Set For May 2nd 

How Federal Elections Work in Canada 

Maps of Electoral Districts of Quebec   

Maps of Regions in Quebec   

Vote Compass from CBCNEWS  answer questions online then find out which party addresses your needs 






Coalition Avenir Québec  C.A.Q.

Electoral Maps of Quebec 

Partie Québécois P.Q.

Pourquoi je vote

Quebec Elections CBC Archives 1960-2007

Quebec Liberal Party  P.L.Q.

Quebec Municipal Elections Nov. 3, 2013

Quebec Votes 2008 daily information from The Gazette 

Quebec Votes 2008 Headlines and Party Leaders from CBC 

Quebec Votes 2008 Voters Toolkit various links 

Quebec Votes Features from CBC 





Everest 2007    Learning Without Limits


The Lester B. Pearson School Board, the Pearson Educational Foundation and the interactive Community Partnership program are proud to partner on an exciting project, Everest 2007- Learning Without Limits, whereby John Rennie employee. Manuel Pizarro, will be leading an expedition to Mt. Everest, the world's tallest and most challenging summit in the spring of this year. The following list of links point to information and learning activities for Mt. Everest.


Challenging Mt. Everest high school webquest

Climbing Mt. Everest high school webquest

Discover Mt. Everest webquest

Four Mountains webquest

Four Mountains expert webquest

How Was Mt. Everest Created?

Mt. Everest 2005

Mt. Everest 3D Modelling 

Mt. Everest 3D Pictures 

Mt. Everest 360 Degree Panorama View From The Top

Mt. Everest Aiming High

Mt. Everest Air Challenge video

Mt. Everest Almanac

Mt. Everest Alpine Assents International 2007 Expedition pdf

Mt. Everest Camp IV North Col

Mt. Everest Classroom Activities

Mt. Everest Database Part 1 a large list of links

Mt. Everest Database Part 2 a large list of links

Mt. Everest Death Zone Teacher Guide and Activities

Mt. Everest Facts From Peakware

Mt. Everest Fifty  from National Geographic

Mt. Everest Fifty Years and Counting from National Geographic  

Mt. Everest Go 3D virtual assent

Mt. Everest Google Satellite Image

Mt. Everest History

Mt. Everest History and Facts 

Mt. Everest History Timeline

Mt. Everest How We Climbed Mt. Everest

Mt. Everest Information

Mt. Everest Information from NOVA

Mt. Everest Information from the Royal Geographical Society

Mt. Everest Information from Wikipedia

Mt. Everest Interactive Tour

Mt. Everest Learning Without Limits Site

Mt. Everest Meet Sir Edmund Hillary relive the climb

Mt. Everest News

Mt. Everest North Route

Mt. Everest October 1963 National Geographic Classic

Mt. Everest Online Adventure PBS

Mt. Everest Online Extra May 22, 1963 National Geographic

Mt. Everest Slideshow

Mt. Everest Surviving Everest from National Geographic video clips

Mt. Everest Trivia

Mt. Everest Weather updated daily

Mt. Everest WebQuest cycle 2

Mt. Everest Worksheet in Word format

On Top of the World webquest

Seven Wonders of the Natural World webquest

Top of the World A Trip to Mt. Everest

Training for Mt. Everest


Please note:

The following Remembrance Day links point to sites that display content that is suited for Cycle 3 elementary, high school, and above.

A Day of Remembrance V.A.C. Department

Canada's Military Heritage

Canada's Military Heritage  from the War Amps

Flanders Fields Presentation

History of the Poppy  Royal Canadian Legion

In Flanders Fields Museum

Last Post

Let Us Remember Them  a war poem

Remembrance Day  

Remembrance Day  from CBC News

Remembrance Day  from the Australian War Memorial

Remembrance Day from Canada Info

Remembrance Day  info, speeches, music clips some advertising but very good resources

Remembrance Day Activities elementary and secondary

Remembrance Day Books of Remembrance

Remembrance Day Canadian War Museum  from Waramps  

Remembrance Day Elementary Themes K to 8 links

Remembrance Day In Britain

Remembrance Day In Canada

Remembrance Day lesson plans 

Remembrance Day Listen to "Taps"  wav file

Remembrance Day Listen to "The Last Post"  mid file

Remembrance Day Posters 

Remembrance Day Quiz  some advertising

Remembrance Day Quiz 2

Remembrance Day Quiz  with answers

Remembrance Day Quiz 3

Remembrance Day Remembering

Remembrance Day Resource Peace Packet Kit  High School use for resources pdf

Remembrance Day "Take Time to Remember" downloadable booklet with activities pdf

Remembrance Day Teacher Resources excellent links 

Remembrance Day Teacher Resources Toolkit from the Canadian War Museum

Remembrance Day "The Minutes" integrated lesson plan gr. 4-8

Remembrance Day War Poetry Web Site 

Remembrance Day We will remember them a Remembrance day Cenotaph Service

Remembrance Day United States Memorial Day Speeches

V.A.C. Canada Remembers Heroes Remembered 

V.A.C. Canada Remembers Veterans' Week Nov. 5-11, 2013 

War Monuments in Canada 

Why the Poppy?



2012 Canada At the Summer Olympics 

2012 London 

2012 London Olympic Games resources 

2012 London Olympic Games Mascots sound 

2012 London Olympic Games Mascot Images 

2012 NBC Olympics 

2012 Summer London Olympics 

2012 Summer London Olympics printouts, resources and more from Activity Village

2012 Summer Olympics from National Geographic 

2012 Summer Olympics CBS NEWS 

2012 Summer Olympics Blog ESPN 

2010 Canadian School Portal for Vancouver Olympics 

2010 Host City Vancouver 

2010 Meet the Vancouver Mascots 

2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games  from 2Learn

2010 Paralympic Games 

2010 Vancouver International Olympic Committee 

2010 Vancouver Olympics 

2010 Winter Olympics CTV coverage results, video clips and more

2010 Winter Olympics from Wikipedia 

2010 Winter Olympics News Links from Google 

2010 Winter Olympics Schedule and Results 

2010 Winter Olympics webquest for elementary

2010 Winter Olympics CyberHunt cycle 3 

2010 Winter Olympics Teaching Theme 

2010 Winter Olympics Theme Page many links are resources from TCESC

2010 Winter Olympics Venues map and pictures

2010 Winter Olympics Web Quest Going for Gold high school

Ancient Greek Olympics  lesson plans 

Ancient Olympic Cyber Hunt 

Ancient Olympic Events 

Ancient Olympic Games  The Real Story 

Beijing 2008 

Beijing 2008 Official Mascots 

Beijing 2008 Olympic Game Information from 

Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Events Schedule 

Bibliothèque et Archives Canada - athlètes olympiques canadiens 

Canadian Olympic Committee 

Canadian Olympic School Program  

CBC Olympic Site 

Comité olympique canadien  

CTV Olympics Vancouver 2010

ESPN Olympic Site 

Games of the XXIX Olympiad 

Gateway to the Summer Games 

Go for Gold  Scholastic  Cycle 1

IOC Information Kits pdf files 

Library and Archives Canada – Canadian Olympians 

NBC Olympic Site

Olympic Activities and Lesson Plans  elementary from ABC Teach 

Olympic Curriculum Guide 

Olympic Games

Olympic Kids Base Camp activities elementary 

Olympic Movement

Olympics Report Form

Olympic Rings Report Form

Olympic Scrapbook Cover

Olympic Scrapbook Pages

Olympic Web Sites from Winter 2006 Games

Olympic Winter Games News from winter 2010 

Olympics 2008 various links from Fact Monster 

Olympics 2008 and 2010 from Enchanted Learning 

Olympics Poster Design Lesson Plan

Olympics Theme Page

Olympics Through Time 

Programme of the Games Beijing 2008  pdf

Radio-Canada 2008 

RDS Beijing 2008 

RDS olympiques 2010

Summer 2008 Olympics  timeline from ancient Greeks to present times

Summer Olympics 2004  numerous links for teachers 

Summer Olympics 2008 Coverage NBC 

Summer Olympics ABC order of events activity printout 

Summer Olympics for Kids

Summer Olympics Links from Info Please

Summer Olympics Teacher Resources activities and links from Ed.World 

Summer Olympics Through the Years 

Summer Olympics Time for Kids Teacher Guide  pdf 

Tour of Olympia

TSN Olympic Site Beijing 2008 and Vancouver 2010 

Wikipedia Summer Olympics 2008 

Wikipedia Winter Olympics

Winter Olympics Crossword

Winter Olympic Events

Winter Olympics for Kids

Winter Olympics Teaching Themes from Teachnology

Winter Olympics Through The Years

Winter Olympics Word Search   primary


Canadian Maple Syrup  CBC movie clip 4:42

Histoire des sucres

History of Maple Syrup in Quebec

Le sirop d’érable du Québec

Massachusetts Maple Producers

Michigan Maple Syrup Scrapbook

Quebec's Maple Syrup


Sugar Shacks

Syrup  information and a short video clip from Historica Minutes



Aboriginal Art and Culture Celebration Society

Aboriginal Canada Portal

Portail des Autochtones au Canada

Aboriginal Peoples of the Canadian North

Aboriginal Peoples The Inuit

Aboriginals and First Nations

First Nation Information Project

First Nations of the New France Era

First Nations Sites Resources  links and activities

Gateway to Aboriginal Heritage

Indian Treaties

Traités indiens

Indigenous People: Inuit

Inuit Gallery of Vancouver

Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami


National Aboriginal Day Crossword Puzzle Online

National Aboriginal Day June 21st

Journée nationale des Autochtones

People of the Salmon

Snow Travel in Ancient Canada

Stones Unturned

Trésors Cachés

Totem Poles: An Exploration



Please note:

The following Tsunami links point to sites that display content that is suited for Cycle 3 elementary,  high school, and above.

2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake (information, maps and animations)

Asia's Deadly Waves (hour by hour timeline)

Dynamic Earth Tsunami Lesson Plan (Cycle 3)

Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami

Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami (scientific background)

It Comes in Waves (HS lesson with links to materials)

Monster Waves (science/math lesson)

Pacific Tsunami Museum

Physics of Tsunamis

Surviving a Tsunami (lessons from Chile, Hawaii, and Japan)

Tsunami: A Deadly Force

Tsunami Research Program

Tsunami Unit (Cycle 3)

Tsunamis Worksheet (printout)



Atlantic 2007 Hurricane Archive 

Hurricane Katrina Pictures

Hurricane Katrina Time For Kids

Hurricane Mini Book  printable pdf file

Hurricane Science  elementary

Hurricane Storm Science

Hurricane Strike


Hurricanes  student information

Learn About Hurricanes  video gallery

National Hurricane Center


9/11 A Nation Remembers 

9/11 As History 

9/11 Fifth Anniversary

September 11th: A Chronology of Terror   timeline 

September 11th: A Nation Remembers

September 11th: America Remembers

September 11th: Digital archive

September 11th: Guides to Websites   Personal stories from 9/11  

September 11th:Images from Ground Zero

September 11th: Pictures in Archives

September 11th: Shattered  Time pictures of 9/11 

September 11th: Understanding America

Since 9/11


British Columbia CTV News  daily Canadian news 

CBC News 

CBC News The National 

CJAD Radio Montreal, Quebec, Canada radio station online

CNN World Headlines 

Every Daily Newspaper In Canada  links 

Montreal CTV News 

Newseum Today's Front Pages from 74 Countries 

NewsMap headlines by map

NewsMap from iCommunity 

Ottawa CTV News 

The Chronicle West Island Montreal 

The Montreal Gazette 

The Province  British Columbia daily news

The Star daily news from Toronto 

World Disasters News Map

World News Atlas 

World News On The Map 

World Newspapers and Magazines Canada 


Japan Earthquake

Japan Earthquake BBC News 

Japan Earthquake CTV feature video

Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Videos

Japan Earthquake Details 

Japan Massive Earthquake 

Japan Quake  from CBC News with interactive map 

Japan Quake Today  photos 

Japan Tsunami Video News Report 4.55  length

Japan Scenes of Devastation CTV NEWS Photo Gallery 

NHK World News Japan's reactors 




Aboriginal Day

Hurricane Katrina

Maple Syrup

Mt. Everest


Remembrance Day

September 11, 2001


News: Local and World Wide

Japan Earthquake




















































































































2012 Summer Olympics

2012 Paralympics



B.C. Place

Cypress Mt. Resort


G. M. Place






Pictures from

"Chinese Daily"











Springtime in Quebec



















































Hurricane Katrina

Canal Breech





























Japan Earthquake

Nuclear Power Plant

Nuclear Power Plant Explosion












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