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Just for Fun!

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Anagram Mania

A. Pintura - Art Detective 

Battleship SOL Practice 

Bats Page Game Room 

Brain Boosters various games online 

Build a Monster

Butterfly and Bee Clipart

Butterfly Stationary  printout 

Cartoon Network 

CBC For Kids  

Checkers play checkers online

Chess play online 

Chess How to Play WebQuest format 

Chess Supreme play online, links to download free chess games, and more 

Clever Games for Clever People

Creating Music various activities


Cyberkids Home  

Exploratorium's Bubbles

Fun With Music Cycle 1-2


Funology - The Science of Having Fun

GameGoo - Learning that Sticks!

Game A Day  

Games Kids Play   rules for hundreds of games 

Grammar Gorillas   online grammar game  

Great Plant Escape

Inside Art  

Interactive Froggy Fun & Games

Jigsaw Puzzles Online   Windows only  

Just for Fun Learning Kids Network 





Kite: Basic Sled Kite

Kite: Bumblebee Kite  a very simple kite to make 

Kite: How to go fly a kite

Kite Flying Hints

Kite Tricks!

Kites: Newspaper Kites


McGruff The Crime Dog

More Online Games and Puzzles

Mouse Skills for Beginners

Museum of Web Art - Kids' Wing

Online Etch-a-Sketch   

Optical Illusions

Origami   printouts available

Pauly's Playhouse 

Play Music various musical topics and activities

Printable Colouring Alphabet


Room 108 Music Mixer 

Sass Kids Menu

Scoop's Activity Center 

Smithsonian Magazine presents Kids' Castle  

Snow Stencil  art activity 


Solo Scrabble Online 

Sound Factory 

Squigly's Interactive Games for Kids

Summer Solutions   monthly calendar of different activities

This Guy's Got Moves!

Time Machine   blast to the past to see what the world was like

Tongue Twisters

Ukulele  how to hold, play, etc

Very Silly Tongue Twisters

Yuckiest Site on the Internet

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20 Questions Game Online 


Bigger Better Bubbles


Bubble Art  could be messy 

Bubble Formulae

Bubble Geometry

Bubble Links

Bubble Magic

Bubble Recipes from CanTeach

Bubble Solutions

Bubble Town

Bubbles Solutions - Tools

Card Magic Tricks

Carmen Sandiego Virtual Detective Agency  

Crack the Code  Mastermind game online

Dare to be Square 


Flash Mind Reader

How To Make A Sock Doll 

How To Make Corn Husk Dolls pdf file with pictures 

How to Make Slime 

Launch Ball create a game online 

Magic Gopher

Magic Tricks 

Magic With Cards

More Magic Tricks

Microsoft Kids Online Games  

Order Me Around

Secret Bubble Solutions

Slime and Silly Putty 

Slime How to Make and The Science of 

Slime or Flubber How to Make 

Slime, Silly Putty, or Goo Gak  How to Make 

Where is That? 

Who Is That? 

Word Master from BBC 

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10 Paper Airplanes 

Art Safari  

Birthday Facts

Chateau Meddybumps  

Colour Wheel Puzzle

Craft Exchange from Kids Domain

Craft Finder from

Craft of the Day

Craft Recipes

Crayola Creativity Center

Crossword Puzzles online, software links, and more 

Disney Activity Center 

Educational Games Online from  

Egyptian Memory Puzzle Concentration type puzzle

End of Year and Summer Activities

Family Education  Goof off time and Homework help

Gamequarium Learning Games Online  

Games and Puzzle Gallery

Games Kids Play

Gardening for Kids

Golf Trivia Challenge 

Great Games List

Guitar Chords 

Guitar Chords A-B-C-D-E-F-G

Guitar Chords basic chart 

Guitar Chords basic chart 2

Guitar Chords more

Guitar Chords Ultimate Chart online 

Guitar Chords Ultimate Chart pdf file 

Guitar Drop D Tuning

Guitar How to Read Tablature Internet Notation

Guitar Easy Guitar Lessons 

Guitar Easy Songs for Beginners 

Guitar Free Interactive Lessons Online

Guitar Fret Board Chart 

Guitar Guitar Tricks

Guitar Learn to Play at Flash Guitar 

Guitar Free Lessons with videos and printouts

Guitar Lessons beginner online free

Guitar Lessons from BL Guitar

Guitar Lessons at Whole Note varied lessons and styles

Guitar Lessons Guitar Tricks some free parts then $14.95 per month 

Guitar Lessons Online

Guitar Lessons Online from Guitar Noise

Guitar Lessons Online Learn Double Drop D Tuning used in "Cinnamon Girl"

Guitar Online Guitar Tuning Notes

Guitar Tab College 

Guitar Tabs from All Guitar Tabs 

Guitar Tabs to Print

Guitar Ted's Guitar

Guitar Tuner download

Guitar Tuner online

Guitar Tuning basic

Guitar Tuning various audio tunings online

Guitar Video Lessons by Song free use

IKnowThat  free registration required  

Interactive Fun Puzzles

Interactive Word Games

Jigsaw Puzzle Generator from National Geographic 

Jigsaw Puzzles from National Geographic

Jigsaw Puzzles Online   become a member and upload photos to use

Jigsaw Puzzles Online 2

Jigsaw Puzzles Online even more 

Jigzone online jigsaw puzzles Games  

Kids' Place from Education Place

Kids Space

LearningPlanet - Fun Educational Activities  

Lulu's Games  various topics and levels

Magic Tricks

Magic Tricks 2

Magic Tricks 3

March of the Penguins Game Online

Mocomi India's Website for Kids learning activities, games, stories and more

Nick Jr. - Play to Learn  

Oh! Kids   links for kids ages 3 - 17

Optical Illusions 

Slide Puzzle Generator from National Geographic 

SmileBox graphic creations you can print or email 

Surf Swell Island @

Table Manners Worldwide

TIC TAC TOE Slider Puzzle

Top 100 Interactive Educational Online Games

Unscramble Words Online

Visual Memory Puzzle

What Your Name Means 

Whomp make the most words and win 

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Cycles Two & Three

Cycle Three

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