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Cycle Two


Cycle Three

A Look Inside the Human Body

All About the Heart

All Systems Go online game about body organs

Big Story on Bones 

Blending in but Staying Special 

Body Quest   research the human body   Cycle 3+

Bones and Joints  printout activity 

Calorie and Fat Gram Chart

Calorie and Fat Content of Fast Foods

Calorie and Fat Table  various foods listed 

Calorie Content of Popular Foods 

Calorie Counter

Calories and Fats Tables

Calories in Breads and Cereals 

Canada Food Guide Online

Cells  printout activity 

Circle of Blood

Dental Defenders  needs unity web player free at site

Digestion  printout activity 

Digestive System Printout

Do You Know What To Do In Case Of Fire?

Eat Right   nutrition/art activity 

Enter Your Eye 

Eye, The 

Eyesight, an Insight 

Fast Food Facts

Fast Foods  online lesson 

Fast Foods Calorie Chart

Figuring Out Food Labels 

Flu and You  a RiverDeep report   

Food Groups Listed  information per item 

Food Guide Pyramid Booklet

Food Pyramid Adventure online educational game

Food Timeline

Foss Human Body Mr. Bones 

Health and Exercise Quiz Online 

Health and Safety Issues elementary school 

Health and Safety Issues high school 

Health Teacher 

Healthy Fast Food Choices

How Lou Got the Flu

How The Body Works 

Human Body Adventure Online

Human Body Adventure Skeletal System 

Human Body Adventure Spinal Column 

Human Body Online

Human Body resources, video clips, more 

Human Body Web Trek

Human Heart Map  animations from Nova

Human Skeleton label online 

Human Skeleton Online 

ID The Creep online safety game 

Incredible Adventures of the Amazing Food Detectives 

Interactive Body Muscles Game 

Interactive Body Nervous System Game 

Interactive Body Skeleton Game

Introducing Cells

It's Up to You healthy eating 

Junk Food 

Kids' Health  various topics

Kids' Health This Way to my Body 

Learning About Calories 

Lung Capacity  printout activity 

McDonald's Products Calorie Counter 

Medical Mysteries on the Web 

Milk Matters 

Muscles  printout activity 

My Body The Inside Story

My Food Guide 

My Pyramid Blast Off Game

Nerves  printout activity 

Neuroscience for Kids

Not 4 Me drug education from Health Canada 

Nutrition Café

Nutrition Facts and Calorie Counter

Nutrition in the Garden

Nutrition in the Garden Booklet  pdf format 40 pages 

Nutritional Plan for Athletes

Nutritions Explorations

Optics for Kids requires Flash MX Player 

Perfect Portions 

Six Food Groups

Skeletal System 

Skeletal System Bone by Bone 

Skin - The Whole Story 

Sports and Nutrition - The Winning Connection  

Time for Bed ? online game 

Tour of the Human Body 

Vitamins and Minerals 

Virtual Body

Water Cycle 

What is Sleep? 

What the Nose Knows

Your Gross and Cool Body

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All Cycles

Canada's Food Guide

Dole 5 A Day   Activities, games, information  

Eat Right Nutrition Art Activity

Fight Flu 2009 H1N1 and You  from CDC 

Fight Flu H1N1 information from Public Health Agency of Canada 

Fight Flu H1N1 Key Facts 

Food Guide Pyramid 

Food Museum Online 

Food Pyramid Printout

Food Services Nutrition Page from LBPSB

Flu Images of the H1N1 virus Flu information and school guides and planning USA

Good Food Climb

Health Game Closet various games and activities

Health Rock 

Healthy Choices for Kids

Healthy Learning Activities Online

Healthy Teeth 

Human Body Adventure 


KidsHealth Recipes 

Learn About Nutrition

Learn to Avoid Frostbite 

Mouth Power Online 

My Body various levels 

National School Lunch Week  Oct. 15-19, 2007 

Nutrition Explorations  

Nutrition Games Online

Scrub Club 

Smart Mouth 

Test Your Eyesight Ability 

The Senses 

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