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Software & Demos
Please Note the Following:
Shareware programs are fully-functioning programs available for download on the internet. Either the trial versions are free, or you can download the software and have the right to try programs for up to 30 days. Links to Shareware sites have endless amounts of shareware and utilities for Windows XP and 98. Please respect shareware agreements.
Freeware and Shareware software is not always fully tested on all operating systems and/or different computer models. Use at your own risk.

I have purchased and recommend software from both Applian and Xara for Internet use and web site creation respectively. Applian and Xara software, listed below, are affiliate commercial software programs. Should you choose to purchase their software and link to their site from the links below, Applian and/or Xara will pay a percentage of the sales to Bob's Place to help defray running expenses at no extra cost to you.

Free software that searches your computer for "spyware"
Adobe Acrobat Curriculum and link to trial Acrobat 7.0
Adobe Downloads 
Adobe Flash Player ver  date: 7.10.2007
Adobe Flash Player Download Center 
African Geography Tutor
Free software download
Anaglyph Callipygian Software
Free software "Callipygian" download to make 3D pictures
Anaglyph Callipygian 3D Tutorial
Anaglyph Callipygian 3D Tutorial  pdf 
Anaglyph Free Software
Free software "Z-Anaglyph" download to make 3D pictures
Anmanie SMP
Free graphics add-on program for Windows XP
Animate Clay
Open source free software to use with clay animation
Arcade Jukebox
AreoSnap for Windows XP and Vista
Art Rage 2 free edition
A painting package in either a free edition or a much fuller package for $19.95 US dollars (available in English, French, or German)
Audacity is an open source free sound recorder/editor software for most platforms.
Audacity Ladspa 90 plug-ins  for Windows XP
Add these plug-ins to the plugin folder of Audacity for more effects.
Audacity Lame_enc.dll
Download this file and point to it when you try to export your Audacity music in MP3. This added file will then allow Audacity to create MP3s.
Audacity Lame Webpage
How to install the lame_enc.dll mp3 encoder
Audacity User Guide 3.05 in Word format
Audio Editors
Find a linking list to many different audio editors, some are freeware, some shareware, and some are commercial
AutoStitch 2D auto stitcher demo download for Windows 
AVS4You audio/video free download page
AVS4You manuals and help for above software
AVS4You manuals in pdf 
Awesome Talking Library
Download the free software to have books from the Awesome Library read to you with highlighting feature.
Awesome Talkster 1.0
Basic Facts Worksheet Factory Free Software
Free software download that creates a Bingo style review package
Best Free Web Applications for Windows 
Best Windows Freeware List from Ned Wolf 
Calculator "Big Calculator" exe file download
Calendar  Online Calendaring from Trumba 
Camerascope Software
Free download of software that can control your digital camera or your webcam captures.  for Windows 
CameraScope Software  download from here 
Camerascope Guide
CameraScope PowerPoint Overview
Free desktop screen software
Canada Map Puzzle free software from Owl and Mouse, great for Smart Board use
CDex 170 Beta
Free audio software to "rip" soundtracks from your CD to your computer. Please respect copyright laws when using.
Celestia a downloadable space exploration package
Clever Keys
Free download of software that can create hotkeys to online writing tools.  for Windows 
Comparison Chart of Raster Graphic Editors 
Confirm Virus Warnings at Datafellows
Confirm Virus Warnings at McAfee 
Confirm Virus Warnings at Symantec
Conficker Virus Tool Information and Links  
Convert Media Files Online for Free 
Cool School, Where Peace Rules
Download a free software program to help teach conflict resolution. for K-Cycle 1
Creative Skills Shareware
Critical Thinking Resources
Various shareware software to encourage and enhance critical thinking
Download the zipped file of the Dancer from Unzip the file and double click on the resulting icon
Desktop Wallpaper free from National Geographic
Distance Learning Horizon Live Setup Wizard
DLL Files 
Free downloads of dll files
DoodleWorks  free software 
DVD Flick free software to burn any video file to DVD 
E - Anim
Un programme pour créer des animations au format Flash - Adobe©
Easy CD Creator Upgrade for XP
Free for owners of Easy CD Creator Platinum 5.0

EasyOffice - ONE Special Edition

This is the latest in free "Office" look a-likes. This link takes you to the download page where you choose the EasyOffice version you need. PLEASE NOTE there is a different version for Windows XP, read carefully before you choose which one is for you! DO NOT LOAD EasyOffice if you have Microsoft Office already on your computer. Also, the free version is for home use. There is a charge to register for school and business use.

Educational Resources
Educational Software Co-op
Eudora Email Client Light now freeware ver 3.06 This is an .exe file
Eudora Email Client Management Tool now Freeware 
Eudora Email Client  ver. Management Tool second download site
Eudora Email Client ver. 8.0.0 free version
Finale NotePad Free Download for Win XP
Format Factory free software download, convert one file format to another
Free Downloadable Educational Games elementary
Free Font Penmanship Program
Free Fonts for the Mac
Download free kid fonts for the Apple Macintosh
Free FLV Player from Applian
This is an .exe program that will play Flash movie clips.
Free Reading is software designed to help teach reading at the K-1 level. It is Open Source which means free software! Click to go to their site and download to have an extra tool to help teach reading.
Free Software Directory 
Free Software for Windows  multimedia
Free Software from Star-Red 
Free Software Open CD for Windows
Free Software Portal from Wikipedia 
Free mind mapping software from Sourceforge . Java based
Fun Brain
Three free downloadable games in Windows or Mac.
Download free geometric software

Giga Tribe set up your own P2P file transfer system Free 


Google Earth version 3 -stable version


Google Earth version 4 -beta great features but not fully tested

Download Google Earth and install it on your Windows XP computer. Run the program and zoom in on any address you enter. This software is an amazing free program from Google. The links above are to exe files. If you are concerned about this, download the free software directly from Google.

Google Earth
Get the latest version for Mac, PC or Linux online.
Google Earth 101 for Educators 
Take an online course and learn how to use Google Earth.
Google Earth Education Community 
Google Earth for Teachers
Lesson plans, guides, and more
Google Earth User Guide pdf
Guide to the Times Tables

Hippo Freeware 


Hitman Pro 3 scan and remove computer malware free download 


HyperStudio Update Files



This site identifies the name of a font the user is looking for by asking the user a series of questions


Image and Photo Editing Software (Free)

This site links to free software.



This freeware installs an icon in your system tray to show you your current IP address. This is very useful when connecting webcams on the Internet. You will need Winzip to unzip it and then you can install it. To see your current IP address, float your mouse on top of the IP icon in the system tray  where your speaker volume usually is . There is no need to click the mouse. The name of your computer and its current IP address will be displayed.


Internet Connection Speed Test (Free)

This is an online test to verify your Internet connection speed.


IrfanView free download 


IrfanView Plugins 


IrfanView Video Tutorials from 



Download this terrific shareware typing tutor program to a 3.5 disk. Run it from the floppy by navigating to the 3.5 drive and double clicking on the Jaws program.


Please Note:

Jaws is DOS based however it will run in Windows 95/98. Do NOT install Jaws to your hard drive. It MUST run from the floppy drive to avoid conflicts.

Large Pointers freeware 


Media Player Codec Pack for Windows free 



Free PDF to Word conversion software. This site also supports conversion online.


Photo Resize Magic free software 


Picnik free online photo editor 


Picnik in the Classroom



Free downloadable cue prompting software is available at this site. Online documentation and a demo are also available. Some versions of Prompt are commercial, the "light" versions for Windows or Mac are free.



Free online mind mapping tool, registration required but is free for the basic account


Jigsaw Puzzle Golden Edition
JSudoku en français
Juice (formerly iPodder)
Kiss You Tube
Download any YouTube video file to your hard drive as a flash video (FLV) file. This is an online tool (web application) Then use an online FLV converter to convert FVL files to what you need. Click here to go to the converter site. Smartboard now plays FLV files.
Learn the Provinces   Free software download
Let Us Build 3D  3D Geometry
Download free Windows software to allow on screen building using cubes

Mac 52 Ways to Speed up OS X 


MAC Free Macware for the OS X  suggested best free software


Mac Software

Find a large list of free Mac software at this site


Mail Washer ver. 6.1 

This is a free version of an email filter for home accounts. It is quick and sets itself up for you. The free version works with one account, you can purchase the upgrade for multiple accounts and more options.


Mathematics Worksheet Factory Lite  free

Download this file and double-click on it to install. You can generate many math worksheets and set type of operation, level of difficulty, and much more. Once the sheet is generated you can print it out. This is for elementary levels.

Max Audio for Apple computers 
Media Convert Online
Convert media files online without installing any software.
MegaMaps Download software to print world maps up to "7 feet" across. 
MicroSoft all downloads center
MicroSoft Office 2000 to Office 2003 converter file to open Office 2007 files
Microsoft Photo Story 3 free download 
MicroSoft Security Software
MovieMaker 2 Upgrade for Windows XP
Multimedia Freeware & Shareware Downloads
Multimedia Freeware Software 
MicroSoft all downloads center
Microsoft Excel Viewer 
View and print files from 1997 10 2007 versions.
MicroSoft Office 2000 to Office 2003 converter file to open Office 2007 files
Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack
MicroSoft PowerPoint Viewer 
View and print files from 1997 to 2007
MicroSoft Security Software
Microsoft Windows Medio Encorder 32-bit, 64-bit, and Expression versions
MicroSoft Word Viewer
View, print, and copy Word files to Word 2007 even if you don't have Word! Also view Word Perfect ver. 5 and 6 and Works ver. 6 and 7 files
MySkoool Technologies
Download free software that will act as the desktop for tutorials in math and science. The tutorials may be downloaded and used through the desktop when offline. 
MySkoool Technologies Download Page
MySkoool Software
Download the MySkoool free software. Please note this is an exe file and may result in warnings in Windows.
My Speed Personal Edition Freeware
Test your upload and download speeds of your Internet connection.
NetMeeting 3.01 Download Page
Office Templates Agendas for Meetings
Office Templates Calendars
Office Templates Education Reports

Office Templates Minutes for Meetings

Online Calendaring from Trumba

Open Office version 3.1.1 download site

This free software suite is another package that closely compares to Microsoft Office. Open Office appears to be the best yet.  The software package is available in different languages as well. It is well worth looking at; choose your operating system before downloading.


Open Source Education Foundation

Open Source for Mac 

Open Source Software from Osalt 

Open Source for Windows

Open Source Resources for Online Writers 


Owl and Mouse Free Software for Primary and Upper Elementary Grades 


PDF995 Freeware

This is a free pdf converter for Windows although there will be an advertising window when the software opens. Purchase offers are available on the site.


PDF Online Converter  free conversions online 


Photo to Sketch "freeware" for Windows XP

This free software for Windows XP allows you to take any digital photo and turn it into a sketch. The Pen and Pencil choices are free to use. The Free Hand option is more of an uncovering of the full sketch. Any work can be saved and printed.


Photofiltre 6.3.1 French version 



English version of a complete image editing and effects package, very powerful and easy to use


Photofiltre 6.3.1 various languages


Pivot Stickfigure Animator version 2.2.5

This freeware software allows you to create stick figure animations and save them as gif files.



Podcast Station

This commercial software has many options and great online video tutorials.

Download a free 30 day trial for Windows XP after you enter your postal code and email address.


Podcasting Download iTunes for Windows XP 


Podcasting Tool Factory for Windows XP 

Commercial software with a very simple interface. This software also has a great tutorial online and has a script feature to help keep podcasters on track! This site also offers educational pricing.

Download a free 30 day trial for Windows XP by clicking here.


Podcasting With Windows XP

tutorial plus links to free software 




Portable Apps What are they?

Portable Apps Safe Portable App-ing

Portable Apps Soap on a Rope

Portable Apps The Software - Freeware

Best Portable Freeware List for Windows 

Portable Apps Build Your World to Go

Portable Apps Portable AbiWord

Portable Apps Portable AbiWord Plugins for added functionality

Portable Apps Portable Firefox

Portable Apps Portable Gimp 2.2.12 image editor package

Portable Apps Mozilla Thunderbird Portable Edition

Portable Apps NVU Portable Web Editor Package

Portable Apps Portable Open Office

Portable Apps Portable Open Office Installing

Portable Apps Portable Photofiltre

Portable Apps Portable Sudoku 1.1.7

Portable Apps Portable Sunbird Calendar Package

Portable Apps Suite 1.0 89 meg download for a 512 memory stick

Product Support, Updates, FAQs  programs listed alphabetically 

Product Support, Updates, FAQs  programs listed alphabetically 


ProShow Gold ver 4.5 Demo Download  
Poster 7
This shareware software is a demo version that will print up to 10 posters. You can register the software for $18.00 USD. You may also download the shareware version here.
Power Tracks Pro Audio ver 11 (Windows XP)
Download a 30 day demo of this audio/midi recorder/mixer for free. This low cost powerful package comes with video tutorials and handles midi and audio files and can input projects from Band-In-A-Box.  (Purchase and download for $49.00 US from, boxed version will cost slightly more).

Prezi registration required

online presentation tool with a fresh new look


PrimoPDF Freeware 

This free software will convert any Windows file to pdf using "print to pdf". The site also offers an online pdf converter.


Printer Tips from MaxPatch 


Projector Central 

Information on various digital projectors and more


Quiz Game Master

Purchase this low cost software to create interactive quiz type games for your website. No programming knowledge is needed. An email link to the author, Mike Capstick, can be found on the site and he is more than willing to answer questions and help you with your projects! He answered my emails within a day!



Use this free software to print large poster to billboard size creations of your pictures. This is the stand alone version 1.2 in zip format.



Get this software download that reads out anything that is pasted or typed in to its text box. The basic version is free.



Software to help clean up your Windows registry and more. The software is commercial but there is a free online scan to advise you of possible errors in your computer. There is also a free download trial package.







Please click below to find out more about

Replay Screencast

Please click below to find out more about

Replay Media Catcher

Please click below to find out more about

Replay Converter



Replay Media Catcher Streaming Video Capture (point and is that easy!)

This online purchase software captures streaming video clips from online sites and is extremely easy to use. The files are saved as flv which can be played back with the free player included. Applian also sells Replay Converter which can convert the flv files into Windows friendly formats, as well as PSP files, for editing and different viewing options if you wish. Replay Screencast allows you to record what you do onscreen and add an audio file via microphone. This is great for creating tutorials. These software packages do the job as promised for a price that made me take notice! I use this software regularly and can recommend them highly. Click on the links above to find out more. As always, shop around before you buy.

Report Label Outlines for LBPSB Teachers

The following listed text box files were developed for LBPSB teachers using Word XP. Not all Avery label styles are available for Microsoft Word below the XP level. If you are using Office XP or XP Pro, these files will help you with reporting.

The following template is also for Word XP. It measures 3.5 by 1. Two will fit in the comment section allowing two teachers to type their comments on labels and add them to the section. As this is a non-standard size you have to purchase full sheet label paper and cut along the outline box borders which will print as well. It was tested and used with font Times New Roman font size 10 and Font Arial at font size 10. This gives you about 5 lines of text in size.

Word XP Label Template

Resource Software free downloads 


Revo Uninstaller for Windows 2000 and higher freeware 


Roxio Creator 2010 Pro includes SoundSoap SE commercial program


SAM Animation 

Free software BETA version registration needed


Shape Collage

Free software for Windows, Mac, and Linux to create collages. Pro version available for purchase online. Java must be installed on your computer for Shape Collage to work and is available for free . Java Free Download


Site Advisor

Download this plug-in demo software that shows what files you really are downloading and what will be installed on your computer. Now know what "free software" is really adding to your system! The software also states what sites may be sending you unwanted software in their downloads. Try using this in Google and look for green checkmark sites.


SketchUp 3D Modeling

Download this free software from Google for an excellent 3D modeling package or here (now version 6 April 13, 2007).


SketchUp 3D Modeling Extras 


SketchUp 3D Modeling Quick Reference Chart 


SketchUp 3D Modeling Video Tutorials


SketchUp 5 Video Tutorials


SketchUp 6 Building 3D Models for Google Earth video tutorials 


SketchUp 6  Video Tutorials 


SketchUp Bonus Packs


SketchUp version 6 for PC or Mac online download



Free calls and video calls from Skype to Skype loaded computers. This is Skype's main page.


Skype Software Download Page 

Download will start for Windows XP


Skype Add A Contact Guide 


Skype Guides 


Skype Video Calls Guide 


SmallStella Demo Software  3D Geometry

Download this demo software that creates polyhedra printouts. Single user, lab and site licenses are available. There is also a more involved version available. Click here for the 3Dworkshop printout.


Smart Board  How to import Flash files


Smart Board Links (now on a new page)


Smart Draw free business form software with templates


Software for Starving Students free downloadable software for Mac and Windows 


Stellarium Freeware 


Software FreeMac 



Downloads and tutorials


Sophie User Guide  44 pages pdf 


Storyboard Pro

Get this free storyboard software to help students plan their video creations. Great explanation movies are built in the program. It is in .zip format. A Mac version  OS 9 or OS X  is also available for free.

SurWeb Media Shows


Software that converts many types of sound files. Free for a short period (days after install) and then a purchase page will appear.

Team Viewer 

Text to Speech Voices  use with CoolSpeech 6.0 to be released shortly

Thumbnail Refinery  scroll to the bottom of the linked page to get the free version


Free file transfer software that uses your email browser



Go to the site and set up your meet! FREE



Learn this free chat software in 5 minutes.


Top 100 Learning Tools for 2007 


Toshiba Battery Exchange

Link to Toshiba site for information on affected laptops

BatteryCheck utility software for listed laptops September 24, 2006


Treasure Hunt 

Play online or download this logic problem solving challenge.


TrickFilm Cam  Windows

Download software to use your webcam to create clay animation


TrickFilm Cam Tips and Tricks  Windows


Tune Up Advisor and Repair for Windows 


Typing Pal

Download a demo of this great keyboarding software. Use the Junior edition for Cycle 1 to 3 students. You can also sign up for online typing practice.


Typing Pal Junior

Trial version of a very good typing tutor for 8-14 year olds  8.3 meg .

Purchase this low cost software to create books online for your website. Books could be created for CD use as well. See an example of what UBook looks like by reading "How to Create a UBook" by clicking here. An email link to the author, Mike Capstick, can be found on the site and he is more than willing to answer questions and help you with your projects via email! He answered my emails within a day!
Turn one Linux computer into multiple workstations. Free software for two, purchase up to 10 workstations per computer.
Video Converter freeware 
Wavosaur a free audio editor 
Web Authoring Software  freeware & shareware programs; over 1700 for downloading 

Windows Downloads free extras 

Windows HD Nature Wallpapers from National Geographic

Windows 32 and 64 bit Frequently Asked Questions

Windows 7 A Complete Survival Guide from PC World 

Windows 7 HD Wallpaper Downloader from National Geographic

Windows 7 Installing on a Netbook

Windows 7 Introducing the New OS Microsoft

Windows 7 Lifehacker's Complete Guide to Windows 7 

Windows 7 Product Guide free download from Microsoft 

Windows 7 Themes and Wallpapers

Windows 7 Tutorials 10 cool features 

Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor Are you ready? Download & evaluate your system.

Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool  for installing Win 7 ISO file from USB memory stick

Windows 7 What is Windows 7?

Windows 7 Which version is Right For You?

Windows Media Encoder ver. 8.0

Windows Media Player Version 11 for Windows XP 

Windows Vista to Windows 7 tutorials 

Windows XP to Windows 7 upgrading video tutorials

Windows XP Upgrades  21 free utilities 

Windows XP Utilities


Winmail.dat Online Viewer 


Winmail.dat Problems Explained There is a solution!



Video tutorials on software listed alphabetically

Word Search Factory Lite Freeware


Word Web version 6 free download and works offline 


You Convert It

Convert up to 5 files to almost any format free online. Please respect copyright. Some school boards may block this site.


World Wind  download from NASA

World Wind lets you zoom from satellite altitude into any place on Earth. Leveraging Landsat satellite imagery and Shuttle Radar Topography Mission data, World Wind lets you experience Earth terrain in visually rich 3D, just as if you were really there.







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Adobe Acrobat Reader

Eudora Light Email Client now freeware ver 3.06 This is an .exe file

Macromedia Flash Player

Macromedia Shockwave Player

Microsoft Patch for Internet Explorer  re Klez virus protection

Mozilla FireFox Browser

Netscape Communicator

Pop This  free popup advertising stopper

Pop-Up Stopper

Go to the above link and scroll down to "Free Products". Pop-Up Stopper version 2.6 is free to download and use. It will block the advertisements that keep popping up when you are browsing the Internet. There is a quick turn off method should the site you are going to needs "pop-ups". Also, Panicware sells more powerful Internet utilities. I am only suggesting you try Pop-Up Stopper 2.6 as it is free.


Helix Producer Basic 9.0.1

Helix Producer converts live feeds or existing audio and video files into RealAudio and RealVideo files, ready for delivery on the Internet or corporate intranet. This free version of Helix Producer features the ability to create content for up to 2 connection speeds and support for RealPlayer 8.

Test your Bandwidth Connection Speed Online

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Animated Gifs  large list of animations available for free   

CNET Download free Windows software


FileForum various software some freeware, some shareware, some purchase

Flixx "Animated..." Series  Animated Beginning Typing, and lots more

Galt Recommended Shareware

Kid's Domain  fantastic list of free software for ages 8 and up!
Kid's Domain Math  Math shareware
Parents and Teachers   demo software 

PC World's FileWorld

Planet Mirror

Shareware Without Time Limits

Top Shareware


Tucows Software Library

Virtual Shareware Library

ZDNet Shareware Library

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Portable Apps


Smart Board


Web Browsers, Plug-Ins & Email