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Teacher Resources

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Books and e-books on Bullying  download The Bully Book 

Bullies: Who, What, and Why module for students main site

Bullies: Who, What, and Why pdf module

Bully B'Ware

Bully Free Program 

Bullying Canada a site for youth created by youth  

Bullying: Administration Anti-Bullying and Harassment Survey

Bullying: Assessment Toolkit for Bullying, Harassment, and Peer Relations at School 170 page pdf  

Bullying: Awareness Week November 18-24 

Bullying: Behaviour Profile of a Serial Bully 

Bullying: Bullies and Victims Information for Parents

Bullying: Bullying Prevention Caring and Respectful Schools a PowerPoint with speaker notes ppt

Bullying: Bullying Prevention same presentation as above as an exe Flash file

Bullying: Canadian Law and Bullying

Bullying: CBC NewsWorld links to Bullying documentaries

Bullying: Bullying and Respectful Schools Powerpoint for teachers

Bullying: Caring and Respectful Schools Bullying Prevention

Bullying: Caring and Respectful Schools PowerPoint for teachers

Bullying: Dealing With Bullies

Bullying: Don't Suffer in Silence package  pdf file

Bullying: Girls Bullying Girls Introduction to Relational Aggression

Bullying: How to Stop Bullying on Facebook

Bullying: I'm Being Bullied. What Can I Do?

Bullying: Name Calling and Bullying Sample Blank Survey pdf 

Bullying: No Name Calling Week Jan. 21-25 download materials or buy the kit 

Bullying: No Name Calling Week resources and downloads 

Bullying: No Name Calling Week student survey

Bullying: No Way!

Bullying: Online

Bullying: PowerPoint Presentations for kids and teachers online 

Bullying: Preventing Bullying and Harassment some downloads from the Red Cross

Bullying: Prevention Handout  40 pages of activities

Bullying: RCMP Presentations to Download 

Bullying: Resources to Consider 

Bullying: School Incident Tracking Form specifically for cyber bullying pdf

Bullying: School Incident Tracking Form specifically for in school bullying pdf

Bullying: Stop Bullying Now  learn what you can do

Bullying: Stories About Bullying

Bullying: Tips if You Are Being Bullied 

Challenging Cyber Bullying

Conflict in Cyberspace: How to Resolve Conflict Online

CyberSmart Curriculum 

Cyber Bullying: Alberta Cyber Bully Free  pdf 

Cyber Bullying: An Educator's Guide to Cyberbullying and Cyberthreats excellent information

Cyber Bullying: Bullying Online  find Ben's Story here 


Cyber Bullying: CBC Online Report The David Knight Story March 2005

Cyber Bullying: Character, Bullying, and the Cyber-World pdf 

Cyber Bullying: Dangers of CyberSpace Technologies CyberBullying pdf

Cyber Bullying: Demystifying and Deesclating Cyber Bullying  PPT 

Cyber Bullying: Educator's Guide  pdf file 

Cyber Bullying: Flame Mail, Hate Mail

Cyber Bullying: Gathers Pace in US report

Cyber Bullying: Online Dangers

Cyber Bullying: Parry Aftab's Stop Cyber Bullying Index 

Cyber Bullying: Parry Aftab's Stop Cyber Bullying Part 1 online video

Cyber Bullying: Psychology of CyberSpace 

Cyber Bullying: Real Life Stories see Amy's Story and Tracking Teresa

Cyber Bullying: Ryan Halligan

Cyber Bullying: Ryan Halligan ABC Primetime Report "Cruel Kids, Tragic Ends" download .wmv

Cyber Bullying: Ryan Patrick Halligan In Memory of

Cyber Bullying: Sample online Survey created in Survey Monkey free online survey tool

Cyber Bullying: Statistics

Cyber Bullying: Stop Cyber Bullying

Cyber Bullying: Stop Cyber Bullying a second site

Cyber Bullying: Teen Information

How to Combat Child Bullying and Bullying at School 

Myths and Misconceptions about School Bullying

Stand Up Against Bullying

What Parents Can Do to Deal With Cyber & School Bullying  FAQs


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5 Guidelines for More Effective Communication

9 Quick Learning Strategies for Success

10 Tips for Teaching Problem Solving

Active Learning Practices for Schools  ALPS  

All Good Things 

Annenberg/CPB   multimedia resources/ videos online 

Backward Design: What is it?

Books Digital Books Online 30,000 free books

Brain Map Find out what parts of the brain does what!

Canadian Centre for Teaching Peace    

Canadian Teacher - Free Stuff    

Canada Teachers.Net   

CanGuide   Bilingual Database of Curriculum Guides and Resource Documents   

CanTeach - Resources for Educators    

Centre for the Improvement of Early Reading Achievement CIERA

Check for Plagiarism Online for Free

Classroom 2.0 social networking site for teachers

Concepts to Classroom   free online workshops 

Conflict Resolutions Lesson Plans K-12 

Counterfeiting Protection Bank of Canada free materials suggested for high school 

Creative Teaching Ideas

Curriki Global Education Learning Community 

Daily Five Teacher Resources for Reading

Developing Character various links to resources 

Dos and Don'ts of Character

Dole 5 A Day    order free materials for your classroom   

Early Childhood Resource Teachers Network of Ontario

Education 4 Kids - An Internet Resource

Educational Atlas   various links for all levels  

Educational Journals a large linking list OISE portal page

Educational Media Reviews Online   searchable by keyword  

EduHound: Everything for Education K - 12  


Elementary Assessment Tools

English Online   teacher resource links  

eSchool News Download Centre 

Exploratree build thinking guides online 


Free Items for Teachers 

Free Resources for Teachers

I Love That Teaching Idea 

It's My Life online videos for tweens

Idiom Connection

Instant Ideas for Busy Teachers

Instructional Resources for the Para-Educator

International Reading Association

Jigsaw Classroom 

Learning Materials Centre   English Education Resources Foundation 

Learning Strategies Database

Learning Styles and Strategies 

Learning Styles Index ILS 

Learning Styles Online

Learning Styles Questionnaire 

Learning Styles Survey high school/university 

Learning Styles What is my learning style? interactive questionnaire

Lesson Plan Generator  elementary 

Lessons for the World audio lessons 

Lexicon of Learning   educational terms defined 

Long Range Teaching Planner Printout

Making Schools Work

MapQuest   enter address for a map  

Me Read No Way a practical guide to improving boys' literacy skills pdf

Moi, Lire? Tu Blagues! French version of the above

Media Awareness Network 

Mega Converter

Microsoft Tools for the Elementary Teacher

Multicultural Review  

National Education Association  NEA   

National Institute for Literacy   suggested at the Cycle 1 workshop held Sept.17th/03 

New Horizons for Learning 

Nobel Prize Educational Games 

Oxymoron List includes advertising 

Pathways Critical Issues in Assessment

PBS Teacher Source


Peer Mediation 

Peer Mediation  A Primer on Peer Mediation high school lesson plans 

Peer Mediation Conflict Resolution and Peer Mediation Guide Vol.2 pdf

Peer Mediation Conflict Resolution in Education (CRE) downloadable resources

Peer Mediation from York Region District School Board 

Peer Mediation book samples 

Peer Mediation Coordinator's Manual and Student Guide in pdf download

Peer Mediation In The Mix PBS Resources various topics

Peer Mediation International School Peace Gardens lesson plans in pdf 

Peer Mediation Lesson Plans from Lesson Planet 

Peer Mediation Training Resources free downloadable booklets etc 

Peer Mediation Video Segment on YouTube 

Peer Mediator Training Workshop downloadable resources 

Preventing Reading Difficulties in Young Children full book online 

Quebec's Secondary Schools Report Card  Nov. 2003 from The Fraser Institute

Quebec's Secondary Schools Report Card  Oct. 2006 from the Fraser Institute

Quick Topic   free instant discussion bulletin board via email space 

Reading Next a 53 page report from Carnegie Corporation pdf

Reading Quest reading strategies for reading comprehension

Reading Resources Online 

Reading Rockets Reading and the Brain  online PBS video

Reading Strategies for all Classrooms

Report Card Comments

Smart Goals Template

Spelling Watch and Learn 3 video clips from PBS 

Strategies for Empowering Students at Most Levels


Teaching and Learning Strategies 

Teaching That Makes Sense downloadable resources in pdf 

Teaching That Makes Sense writing poster pack pdf 

Ted Talks Podcasts for discussion 

Ten Myths of Reading Instruction 

Trends Elementary video clips and links

Ways Teachers Motivate pdf

What Is Your Teacher Personality online test

Writers in Electronic Residence

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